STUDIO ARENDS explores the design challenges in depth and offers innovative spatial solutions to enhance the operation and create fantastic visitors’ experiences. Utilising ‘Day in the Life’ scenarios, the information is reviewed from multiple user and visitors’ point of view, exposing the architectural challenges and enables a holistic design solution to be developed. By using the power of design it sparks positive change and creates designs that exceed our client's expectations.

Funding is a challenge in its own right and any business case to secure this funding needs to be watertight. Every pound spent on the project needs to go a long way and needs careful consideration. Every square meter needs to deliver something, whether that is direct revenue, or a specific spatial quality or feature which adds to the general experience of the facilities.

In this day and age, the challenge is to create ongoing relevance in the offer so visitors of all ages want to return and become ambassadors of the facilities. Becoming a destination is key to having a long term (financially) sustainable future.



Patrick is a qualified architect with over 20 years’ extensive experience at all Work Stages and spanning various architectural sectors with a specialism and track record in public buildings in the Cultural Sector.

He was awarded the RIBA West Midlands Emerging Architect of the Year Award in 2014, testament to his creativity and ability to come up with innovative design solutions. Patrick has worked nationally and internationally for renowned architectural practices including Mecanoo Architects (in The Netherlands, Birmingham and Manchester) and HLM Architects (across the UK) before setting up his own practice.

The broad depth of his experience leads to a diverse and creative architectural solution.  His keen eye for detail and ability to work under pressure ensures that his work is always of the highest quality and delivered on time.  Patrick is always keen to build relationships with clients and project teams and is able to take projects from inception to completion.

He has presented as guest speaker and lectured at numerous establishments to colleagues across the architectural, educational, consultant and contractor industries.

Outside of his design work, you will find Patrick exploring the Peak District, always with his camera ready to take images of the beautiful surrounding he is fortunate to live nearby.  Originally from the Netherlands, Patrick studied at The Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam and settled in Yorkshire in 2014.



Patrick has received the RIBA West Midlands Emerging Architect of the Year award in 2014.